BusinessGPT Understands Your Business Beyond Even Your Top Executives

It is like ChatGPT, but on steroids. With access to your knowledge base, google search, web scraping and more.

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BusinessGPT benefits explained

How do companies optimize work for their talents and customer experience?

Benefit No1

BusinessGPT answers the hard questions your staff (and even ChatGPT) can’t.

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Benefit No2
Easy to use

Say goodbye to multi-day onboarding. Integrate your file storage (Google Drive, Dropbox and more) and start using BusinessGPT within minutes with a familiar chat interface.

Benefit No3

Every team member, once signed up, becomes a part of your corporate workspace. The admins hold the authority to distribute access to the company data as per the user roles.

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Benefit No4

BusinessGPT automatically enriches your documents with summary, tags and assign access level — private, restricted, team or public.

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Benefit No5

Primeclass AI features secure Google login and employs 256-bit encryption at every touchpoint to ensure the utmost protection for your business.

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Tech Specs for real nerds like us

What's under the hood

Seamless 2-click integration with your company knowledge

Most of your documents live in file storages. We integrated Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box, MS Sharepoint.

Built-in Google Search & Web Scraping

To complement your company knowledge with real-time data and enable your team to ask questions about trends and competitors.

Automatic Transcription of Audio & Video files

Tons of knowledge live in your meeting recordings, sales and CX calls. Let them work for you with world-class speech recognition.

Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)

RLHF process, led by industry experts, enhances BusinessGPT's ability to provide personalized, precise, and contextually appropriate responses

Best Possible Data Set

We continuously augment your company knowledge with publicly available expert knowledge from different business verticals.

Data Mapping

The ability to use knowledge depends on how this knowledge is structured. This is why important to get it mapped for specific tasks.


Different tasks require different skills. This is where prompts fine-tuning and chaining takes place.

AI Flywheel

BusinessGPT learns over time from new data and your feedback and continues to grow more personalized and accurate over time.

Vectorized Knowledge Graph

Understanding context is key for relevance. While most other companies feed only content to LLM, we found a unique way to feed context via a vectorized knowledge graph.

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You ask, we answer!

What specific Large Language Models (LLMs) does BusinessGPT use?

BusinessGPT utilizes a suite of advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) to deliver its services. For answering questions with advanced reasoning, it employs GPT-4, a state-of-the-art LLM renowned for its ability to comprehend and generate human-like text. To enrich large documents, BusinessGPT uses Claude 100K, a model specifically designed for handling extensive textual data. Additionally, for transcribing audio and video files into text, BusinessGPT incorporates Deepgram, an AI model specialized in accurate and efficient transcription. This combination of LLMs allows BusinessGPT to provide a comprehensive and versatile AI solution.

How does BusinessGPT handle data privacy and confidentiality?

BusinessGPT is designed with privacy and confidentiality at its core. It uses 256-bit encryption at every touchpoint and secure Google login to ensure the utmost protection for your business. Admins have the authority to distribute access to the company data as per the user roles. Documents are automatically tagged by AI as private, restricted, team, or public, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to the appropriate users.

Can BusinessGPT be integrated with other business tools and platforms?

Currently, BusinessGPT can be integrated with file storage systems like Google Drive and Dropbox. Integration with CRM platforms is coming soon.

How can I provide feedback to improve BusinessGPT's responses?

Users can provide feedback by upvoting or downvoting answers while using BusinessGPT. This helps in the continuous fine-tuning of the AI model to provide more accurate and contextually appropriate responses.

What languages does BusinessGPT support?

In theory, BusinessGPT can work with any language. However, it has been focused and fine-tuned specifically for English to ensure the highest level of accuracy and understanding.

How does BusinessGPT handle complex queries or requests?

BusinessGPT is designed to handle a wide range of queries, from simple requests to complex business-related questions. It leverages the power of GPT-4 and the knowledge from your company documents to provide detailed and precise responses.

Can BusinessGPT be used offline?

No, BusinessGPT requires an internet connection to function.

How does BusinessGPT handle incorrect or inaccurate responses?

Like any LLM, BusinessGPT is a probabilistic model. We continuously fine-tune it to provide 95% and higher accuracy for business-related questions. User feedback through upvotes and downvotes also helps in improving the model's accuracy over time.

What kind of customer support does Primeclass offer for BusinessGPT users?

Primeclass offers customer support through Slack. Users can reach out with any questions or issues they may have.

How often is BusinessGPT updated or improved?

BusinessGPT is continuously updated and improved to ensure it stays at the forefront of AI technology and meets the evolving needs of businesses.

Can BusinessGPT be customized to suit my business needs?

Yes, BusinessGPT can be customized to suit your specific business needs. When you connect your knowledge base to BusinessGPT, it automatically adapts to your business, ensuring that every customer uses their own customized version.

What is the process for upgrading or downgrading my BusinessGPT plan?

Currently, we offer only one plan for BusinessGPT. As we continue to evolve and expand our offerings, we will provide more information about different plans and the process for upgrading or downgrading.

How does BusinessGPT handle sensitive or proprietary information?

BusinessGPT automatically tags documents as private, restricted, team, or public using AI. This ensures that sensitive or proprietary information is only accessible to the appropriate users. Admins have access to the documents tagged as restrictive, team, and public. Team users have access to team and public documents, and external users have access only to public documents. Every user also has access to documents that are private to them.

Can multiple users interact with BusinessGPT simultaneously?

Yes, every team member can use BusinessGPT simultaneously. We offer unlimited users, ensuring that everyone in your team can benefit from the AI.

What is the maximum capacity of data that BusinessGPT can handle?

BusinessGPT is designed to handle large volumes of data. It can manage and analyze your entire knowledge base, no matter how extensive, providing detailed and accurate responses based on the accumulated knowledge.